Jumbo Bags



Kiln Dried Logs (Hardwood Mix): Moisture Content 15-20%

Log Volume Per Bag: App. 1.4m3 (loose fill)

Log Length: *25cm, 35cm

Log Diametre: 5 – 16cm

Brash Content: Up to 5% brash which includes bark and smaller pieces of wood.

*Our most popular log size.


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Jumbo Bag

Jumbo Bags

Our Kiln dried logs are perfect for both Stoves and Open Fires. Your Jumbo bag of logs is tied at the top with a shower proof cover and placed on a pallet. It’s a great way of getting your logs delivered and there’s no mess left on your driveway.

Standard size log is 25cm but also available in shorter lengths for small stoves. The firewood is best removed from the bag same day as delivery and stored in a dry place. It is important to only burn dry wood in your stove so it is not recommended to leave your wood outside exposed to the rain.

If you don’t have a suitable place to store the wood at the front of your house and need a means of transporting it to your back garden check out the Log On Wheel Barrow.

Nationwide Delivery